In addition to the below adventure, we also invite you to come up with your own tour.  Its a long river, and all suggestions will be considered.  If kayaking is your thing, check out my friends at Russian River Adventures - we will work with you.

The River is calling.  Isn't it time you listen?

Wohler Bridge or Johnson's Beach Tour

($95 per person)

For the beginner paddler beginning in June

Two person minimum.  


After arriving at either Wohler Bridge or Johnson's Beach in Guerneville, you are fitted with vests and paddles.  We work our way down to the water's edge and after a short orientation and an on-land safety briefing, we enter the water.  We start out low and slow, staying on our knees until we get used to the board and water. When ready, we assume a standing position and begin our tour on the majestic Russian River, all the while your guide providing instruction on appropriate paddling techniques.  Gliding along with only the sound of our paddles gently breaking the water's surface, within a few minutes the river begins its magical embrace, taking you on a peaceful journey through a part of Sonoma County you never dreamed existed. You soon discover the vantage point from atop a paddle board allows you to look down into the depths of the water, easily spotting fish and other aquatic creatures. Free to get close to either shore line, you scan the rich riparian habitat for birds and other wildlife. 

If planned prior to getting on the water, and once you feel comfortable, you are free to venture on your own and return to shore on an agreed upon time.  Often paddlers like to bring along snacks and drinks as they search for one of several isolated beaches on which they can stop for a little picnic. Dry bags are available upon request.

For your safety and comfort, you should bring:
Swim suit.
T-shirt and shorts.
Sun screen.
Sandals with heel strap or aqua shoes.
A water bottle with a strap or carabineer.

You can bring:
Camera - in a water proof case; Small towel; Sun glasses; Camel back; food.


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All tours include life jacket, paddle, and leash. All tours and rentals are weather dependent.